All You Need to Know About the 1966 Batman Television Show

Batman and Robin

A.K.A. The Dynamic Duo or The Caped Crusaders

In 1966, Batman came to the television screen as a live action, half hour television show. The show was shot with vivid colors and a touch of humor to bring a comic book feel to the TV screen. In fact it was the first time that a comic book character was portrayed on the small screen. The show aired on the ABC Television Network on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The Wednesday show would end with a cliffhanger where the heroes were in some kind of evil contraption that they had to escape from. The Thursday show would start with their escape from the contraption.

The show takes place in the fictitious location of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne (Batman) is a millionaire bachelor who lives in the Wayne Mansion with his ward Dick Grayson (Robin) and his butler Alfred. Batmanís secret hideout is located deep beneath the mansion. Bruce and Dick slide down the Batpoles located in the study to quickly arrive in  the Batcave in uniform. The Batcave comes complete with a nuclear power plant, many specialized computers and a complete crime investigation lab. Batman parks his Batmobile there too.

Like all big cities, Gotham City has its share of crime and criminals. Super Villains are the norm and they are eccentric, wear flamboyant costumes and usually have a group of henchmen that follow them around. Gotham Cityís Heroes do their best to thwart the Super Villains capers and to put them behind bars as quickly as possible.

Date Aired 1/22/66 to 3/14/68
Time Aired Wednesday and Thursday @ 7:30 pm
Network Aired ABC
Number of Episodes 120
Studio Fox Television Studio