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Poker Trick

It is best to do this trick when just casually hanging around with a group of friends because you'll have to deal some of your cards from the bottom of the deck. If you do it with serious players they will most likely notice your bottom dealing. You should practice this trick by yourself a few times. You'll be amazed when you do it, I was!

You'll need 6 other players. In advance, arrange a deck in order of Ace through King in each suit or use a new deck right out of the wrapper because that is how the cards are packed.

Let each player cut the deck once and then pass it on. When the last player makes his cut, take the deck and start dealing the cards. Each player gets 5 cards.

Take your second and fourth card from the bottom of the deck. Just do it casually, don't make a big production about it.

When you are finished dealing, everyone should have a full house. Most people will chuckle and ”stand” with their full-house. Some may think something is up and possibly take two cards to try and draw four of a kind. That's OK, just deal them the cards.

You'll wind up with three of a kind and two cards of the same suit in sequence. Throw down the three of a kind and draw three replacement cards from the bottom, once again do it casually. You should wind up with a straight flush which will beat all those full-houses.

The trick has worked for me 90% of the time. The full-houses have been dealt 100% of the time. Sometimes you miss the straight flush and just get a flush which will not beat the full-houses. They'll still be amazed by the full-houses because they all cut the deck.

Thanks to Gordon, a slot car buddy from PA, for teaching me this trick.