Social Studies Related Materials

Renaissance Learning

In the Spring of 2007, I led a group of teachers from the New Jersey Alternate Route Training Program in creating a web site as part of a cross curriculum project. We choose the Renaissance as the theme for our project. The lessons were created for middle school teachers and students. Our hope is that teachers will find the lessons useful and their students will find the lessons engaging.

Renaissance Learning Web Site for Middle School Teachers and Students

Classroom Materials

I created these materials to decorate the walls in my classroom.

Computer History Mini Posters

Motivational Poster 1 (Apollo 11 Mission)

Motivational Poster 2 (Albert Einstein)

Social Studies Cross Curriculum Projects

Many of the projects I created for the applications classes that I taught had a historic theme. Below are examples of some of the projects.

History Montage in Adobe Photoshop

In the Advanced Photo Editing class I created an extra credit assignment where the students had to use the Photoshop skills they learned over the semester to create a photo montage of a historical figure.

History Montage Assignment Sheet

Teacher Sample (Albert Einstein)

Student Sample 1 (Sacagawea)

Student Sample 2 (Benjamin Franklin)

Student Sample 3 (Abraham Lincoln)

Presidential Candidate Flyer in Adobe Photoshop

In the Advanced Photo Editing class the students created a political flyer for a candidate who, at the time, was running for President of the United States.

Presidential Candidate Flyer Assignment Sheet

Student Sample 1 (Barack Obama)

Student Sample 2 (Barack Obama)

Student Sample 3 (Hillary Clinton)

"I Pledge" in Adobe Photoshop

Inspired by the Barack Obama “HOPE” portrait created by street artist Shepard Fairey and an MTV public service campaign called “I Pledge”, I created this Photoshop Project that was a big success and truly embraced by the students in my Web Design and Digital Graphics class. The images were displayed on digital flat screens in the lobby and lunchroom at Central Jersey College Prep Charter School. In addition to creating the graphic the students had to pledge to do something to improve their world.

"I Pledge" Lesson Plan

Student Samples

Presidential Database in MS-Access

In the Applications I class I taught the students Microsoft Access which is a data base program. One of the larger data bases that the students created contained data on the Presidents of the United States. Each student in the two classes were assigned a president to research and then they shared their data with their fellow students. A major goal of the project was to show students how important it is to collect accurate data.

Presidential Database Assignment Sheet

Presidential Database Data Research Form

Presidential Database Query Assignment Sheet

Presidential Database File in Access

Presidential Database File in Excel

Internet Scavenger Hunt in MS-Excel

Also in the Applications I class I created an internet scavenger hunt where the students had to look up and calculate various fact using the internet. Many of the facts were historical in nature.

Internet Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Internet Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet