My Lesson Plans

This lesson introduces students to Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry. Rather than focusing on the syllable count, I wanted the students to focus on capturing a moment in the three lines of poetry. The PDF includes 3 handout pages. A beautiful introduction page (my graphic design skills came in handy), a sample page containing traditional Japanese Haiku as well as modern non-Japanese Haiku and a very useful page with examples outlining the different forms of figurative language .

This lesson introduces students to an alternate form of multiplication called lattice. A special grid is used to perform lattice multiplication. My observations of students attempting lattice multiplication revealed that mistakes are often made in setting up the grid. I created a worksheet with four examples that progresses the students through the process of setting up the lattice grid to help them overcome that mistake . The PDF also contains a homework sheet.

This lesson introduces students to three different types of graphs (bar, pie, line). The students create their own graphs using Skittles candy. The students record (using tally marks) the colors of Skittles candy in their package and then create a color bar graph. The PDF includes many pages including graphing definitions, data recording sheet, homework rubric, graphing quiz, graph paper, and sample graphs.