My Teaching Websites

Renaissance Learning

In the Spring of 2007, I led a group of teachers from the New Jersey Alternate Route Training Program in creating a website as part of a cross curriculum project. We choose the Renaissance as the theme for our project. The lessons were created for middle school teachers and students. Our hope is that teachers will find the lessons useful and their students will find the lessons engaging.

Frontpage Learning

Below are links to two websites I use in the Photo Editing and Web Design Class to train students on how to use MS-Frontpage. The TV Batman Website introduces them to some of the more important aspects of website design and creation. The Marilyn Monroe Website is used to prepare the students for the Photo Editing and Web Design Final Exam where they have to create a header in Photoshop and a Webpage in Frontpage during a 1.5 hour exam period.

TV Batman Website

Click Here to Download the MS-Word Assignment Sheet for the Batman Website

Marilyn Monroe Webpage

Click Here to Download the MS-Word Assignment Sheet for the Marilyn Monroe Webpage

Student Websites

Below is a link to a webpage that has samples of my students websites. The students could choose any subject for their personal website project as long as it was school appropriate. All the websites were created using MS-Frontpage.