About Repro Instructions

About My Reproduction Instructions

You may noticed that when I sell an item I sometimes mention that it comes with “repro instructions” or “professional quality repro instructions” or “full size professional quality repro instructions.” I want to show you what I am providing. In the picture below there are three Tenyo instruction sheets. The middle instructions are genuine Tenyo, the top are my full size professional quality repro instructions and the bottom are photocopied instructions. The photocopied instructions are indicative of what is provided when you buy the bulk packaged Tenyo tricks in the sealed plastic bags.


My process is to make a high-resolution scan (600 dpi) from the best quality original instruction that I can find. I then crop, straighten, clean-up and adjust the scan until I get it looking just as good as the original. Sometimes I replace the tinted boxes and rules. I then print the instructions on good paper and trim them to actual sizes. The sizes of Tenyo instructions vary widely. The final step is to fold them carefully exactly like Tenyo does and use a roller so the folds are crisp just like the originals.


Some instructions take six separate scans to capture the data. The newer instructions are two-sided on very large paper. The page has to be folded in half to fit on the scanner so that is two scans per side, but there are five columns so folding the page in half means that you are not properly capturing the center column so another scan has to be done of just the center column for both sides. So Impossible Pen take six scans and then they all have to be stitched together and then all the other steps. It can take me almost an hour to complete a six column two-sided instruction.

I believe that my instructions are far and above the best reproductions of the original. Since I have sold very many tricks that were needing instructions, plus also scanning instructions for Tenyo friends, I have a digital library of about 150 (and growing) high quality Tenyo Instructions. I plan to do a tutorial on how I scan and create instructions.