My Tenyo

My Tenyo Magic Collection

What makes my collection special is that it is almost entirely made up of near mint, sealed, English T-Numbered packages. I also have an additional 200 or so opened Tenyo tricks that I play with and perform.  Besides the T-Numbers there is a wealth of other Tenyo such as professional blue and brown box tricks, the yearly +1 redemption tricks, Japanese only releases, sealed Japanese versions of certain T-numbers, antique Tenyo, Doug Henning Tenyo, Disney Tenyo, novelties, sets, banks, catalogs, magazines and so on.

Another interesting point is that I created the collection rather quickly (just under two years) and for the most part, acquired the items at very good prices. There are still some pieces that I need and others that I would like to upgrade, so the search continues although not as actively. You can see what I am searching for here and if you can help me get one of these, I will be very grateful and will spoil you will Tenyo treasures and/or cash.

I store my collection is clear stackable drawers which is great because not only can you see them well, but they are very easy to access.


There are more than 600 Tenyo magic tricks in these transparent stackable drawers.


The contents of the small box drawer.


My Tenyo Magic Case which Contains 70 Different Tenyo

My Tenyo magic case which contains 70 different Tenyo magic tricks.