Prop Variations

Prop Variations in English Versions of Tenyo Magic Tricks

If the variations are numbered then the order of appearance can be established.

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T-003 Diminishing Cards
1. The cards are bound together with knotted string
2. The cards are bound together with brass rivets
T-006 In the News
1. The newspaper in the red printed envelope is from 1969
2. The newspaper in the blue printed envelope is from 1983


T-010 Silk from Hanky
1. One Metal TT
2. Two Plastic TTs


T-017 Coin Through Match
Prop is light blue with large Tenyo rabbit logo embossed
Prop is red
Prop is green
T-023 Rainbow Silks
1. Silks are red, multi colored and green
2. Silks are red, US Flag and blue
T-026 Glass Board
1. Prop is brown with a marbled look
2. Prop is light blue


T-028 What’s Next
A smaller size of approximately 5.5 by 8 inches
A larger more common version of approximately 6.25 by 9.5 inches


T-030 Twin Flower
Feathers are pink
Feathers are yellow
T-032 Sutekina Trick
Crossbar is red
Crossbar is purple
T-034 Against Gravity
Cups are clear
Cups are amber


T-035 Water Suspension
1. Prop is made of metal and is polished to a mirror finish
2. Prop is made of aluminum and has a dull finish


T-036 Billiard Balls
1. Balls made of wood
2. Balls made of plastic


T-039 Crazy Spots
1. Prop is aqua
2. Prop is light blue


T-040 Card Case
1. No decal, but it has a small embossed Tenyo rabbit logo
2. No decal, no embossed rabbit
3. Pink and blue geometric decal. Comes with special cards
4. Light blue flourish sticker
5. White flourish applied directly on plastic


T-046 Little Savings Box
1. Prop is dark blue
2. Prop is light blue


T-047 Astro Coin
The matchbox design can vary
T-066 Occult Board
1. Prop is white
2. Prop is orange
T-069 Dynamic Coins
The shape of the brass pieces changed over time
1. The coins used are U.S. Quarters
2. The coins used are 1 Euro


T-072 Flash DIce
1. Carry case is black and dice case is marbled tan and white
2. Carry case is blue and dice case is tan


T-073 Super Coin in Nest
1. Multi colored containers, colors vary (Parts Switch)
2. All red containers
T-074 Super Phanto Block
Prop is green with orange tops
Prop is purple with yellow tops
T-077 See Through Card
1. Prop does not have “Tenyo” printed on it
2. Prop has “Tenyo” printed on it in red


T-082 Spinning Plate on Rope
1. Small dimple for inserting rope
2. More pronounced area for inserting rope


T-084 Card Frame
1. Prop is made of wood (not pictured)
2. Prop is made of orange plastic and comes with Monster Cards
3. Prop is made of tan plastic


T-085 See Through Guillotine
Prop is bright green
Prop is dark green and dark gray


T-087 Squeeze Play
Large Blue Disks
1. Play is smooth and shiny w. nothing printed on them
2. Play is smooth and shiny w. “Squeeze Play” printed on them
3. Plates are textured w. “Squeeze Play” printed on them
Smaller Disks
1. Disks are yellow, green and white
2. Disks are red and white


T-094 Nightmare in Color
Ropes are blue, yellow and red
Ropes are blue, yellow and pink/orange


T-108 Soft Coins
1. Plastic is smooth and shiny
2. Plastic is textured


T-109 Midas Machine
Prop is purple
Prop is brown


T-110 Zig Zag Cig
1. Prop has trademark info on back
2. Prop does not have trademark info. There is an inset box but nothing else on the back


T-118 Side Track
1. Binding is laminated cloth
2. Binding is rigid plastic
T-136 Geometrick
Blacks are white, the main prop is white with purple diamonds
Blocks are green, the main prop is gray with blue diamonds
T-161 Parabox
1. Boxes are red and black
2. Boxes are red and blue


T-165 Crystal Pyramid
Base is light green
Base is purple
T-169 Zone Infinity
1. The coin used is a U.S. Quarter
2. The coin used is a U.S. Dollar


T-173 Eye of the Idol
Jewel case is gray
Jewel case is black
Moai statue is gray
Moai statue is black


T-189 Money Shredder
1. Plastic is smooth and shiny and the cord is gold
2. Plastic is textured and the cord is purple and white plus more coarse and thinner


T-195 Grand Derby Prediction
1. Cards are plastic and the backs are blue
2. Cards are cardboard and the backs are green with white border


Part Swapping
In the manufacturing process the parts for a trick can be molded in one color like white and then another set of the parts can be molded in a contrasting color like red. When the trick is assembled, the parts colors are mixed and matched to get a more interesting looking prop. Crossroads is a good example of this. There are Crossroads that are primarily red with white highlights and some that are white with red highlights.
T-048 Coin Case
T-087 Squeeze Play Red and White Disks
T-099 Mystery of the High Hat Magic Wand
T-107 Crossroads Crossing Piece
T-152 Nostradamus Clock Box