Your Health in regard to Tenyo

Your Health in regard to Tenyo

Tenyoitis: The Tenyo Collecting Disease

Tenyo Collectors joking call the passion for collecting Tenyo, Tenyoitis. In reality it is more of a real addiction than a joke. Most people who discover Tenyo quickly progress through the various stages of the disease. The transition from stage to stage can be as little as days apart. Very few people have been able to fight off the disease. Only a handful.

STAGE 1 – You know of Tenyo and have a few.
STAGE 2 – You found one of the Tenyo collectors websites and you want to get all the good ones, preferably loose because they are cheaper.
STAGE 3 – You now wouldn’t mind getting some of the other ones and now you are thinking maybe they should include packages
STAGE 4 – You are now looking for all Tenyo to complete the T-List and you want to have them all sealed as well as opened ones to play with.
STAGE 5 – You have found most of the items and need the last 8 or 10 which are really hard to get.
STAGE 6 – You are beyond collecting and start hoarding them. You have over 1000 Tenyo.

Stay Healthy by Avoiding Stressful Confrontations
Five excuses to use when your significant other notices how much you have spent on Tenyo recently
1. (for males) I could be spending the money on drinking, gambling and cavorting.
(for females) I could be spending the money on designer pocket books, sunglasses and shoes.
2. Think of it as an investment.
3. I promise I will not buy anymore. gulp!
4. I can do a show at the next family get together.
5. It is the fault of some English/French/Belgium/American guy and his Tenyo Website!

Health Advisory/Warning

Never, ever say to a Tenyophile that Tenyo are cheap plastic tricks or toys. If you do so be prepared, at the minimum, to have pain inflicted on your ears as you are set straight about your mistake. At the worst, expect to be slapped across the face with a Coin Fan or sliced at with the white plastic knife from Knife of the Ninja. It is OK to call them magic toys but never just toys. Saying that they are cheap plastic is never OK, but luxurious plastic magic tricks is perfectly fine.