For Your Information

T-15 Cups and Balls does not come with balls but foam disks.

T-38 Crystal Box and T-163 Burglar Ball are the same props (the Crystal Box has the embossed rabbit) but the routines are different. The Burglar Box routine is much better.

T-81 Space Walking Coins does not come with coins. The rabbit coins were sold separately and are very hard to find.

T-86 Ultra Tube is the most expensive T-number Tenyo Magic Trick sold publicly. It sold for $1,425 on May 19, 2013 on ebay.

T-132 Ninja Experiment does not come with pencils.

T-153 Diabolicus and Milton Bradley Magic Works Knight’s Tomb use the same exact block size which can be exchanged to give Diabolicus an alternative patter. Diabolicus works much better.

The Japanese Characters for Tenyo is テンヨー which you can see on their Japanese language packages. Mahono is how the word magic is written in Japanese using Western characters.

Dr. Sawa, the inventor of T-62 Fantastic, T-63 Disney World and T-220 Crash Dice has that title because he is a practicing dentist in Japan.