Tenyo Sorted By Effect

Tenyo Magic Tricks Sorted by Effect

T-012 Coin Fan
T-018 Million Flower
T-023 Rainbow Silks
T-028 What’s Next?
T-044 Coin Coaster
T-079 Super Vase a la India
T-088 Million Flower
T-089 Spring Flower
T-112 Eclipse
T-116 Infinitum
T-145 Moon Spinner
T-168 Floral Fantasy
T-199 Dynamite Tube
T-208 Money Splash
T-215 Magician’s Matchbox
T-228 4-Dimensional Trunk
T-239 Millionaire’s Dream
T-243 4-D Surprise
T-247 Tower of Dice
T-249 Magic Pop-Up
T-252 Clear Surprise
Cut and Restore
T-045 Break-Away Fan
T-106 Ribbon Forever
T-115 Ultra Slice
T-121 The Golden Fleece
T-146 Clean Cut
T-159 Twister
T-166 Oh! No
T-170 The Pillars of Thor
T-180 Enchanted Strings
T-189 Money Shredder
T-190 Bio Shock
T-191 The Cutting Edge
T-196 Money Cutter
T-210 Mobile Illusion
T-223 Origami Tube
T-224 Credit Surprise
T-226 President’s Cabinet
T-234 Newsworthy Tear
T-255 Card Surgery
T-102 Lucifer’s Lock
T-204 Escape King
T-123 Billscape
T-171 Merlin’s Coffer
T-032 Sutekina Trick
T-138 The Devil’s Disk
T-137 Bolted!
T-074 Super Phanto Block
T-034 Against Gravity
T-082 Spinning Plate On Rope
T-091 Floating Lady
T-184 Pop-Up Card
T-186 Antigravity Rock
T-198 Blue Crystal
T-218 The Rising Cards
T-238 Floating Card
T-244 Cloud Money
T-248 Psychic Money
T-251 Flying Carpet

T-001 Thimble
T-036 Billiard Balls
T-041 Fanning Cards
T-070 Chinese Linking Rings
T-201 Mystery China Box
T-004 Dice Vision
T-063 Disney World
T-066 Occult Board
T-077 See Through Card
T-119 Thunderstaff
T-120 Telestar
T-126 Match-Sticks
T-134 Vault-Vision
T-143 Hyper Vision
T-152 Nostradamus Clock
T-153 Diabolicus
T-154 Mindscanner
T-158 Mentalmarvel
T-167 Future Clock
T-173 Eye of the Idol
T-174 Clyde
T-175 The Unusual Suspects
T-181 Bird Watcher
T-188 Lucky Rabbit
T-194 Mind Spinner
T-195 Grand Derby Prediction
T-197 X-Ray File
T-213 Animation Card
T-219 Image Generator
T-222 Fortune Sticks
T-227 New Koornwinder Kar
T-229 Ultimate Spoon Bend
T-230 Mystic Scope
T-231 Fortune Donut
T-250 The Third Eye
T-257 Magical MRI
T-002 Angel’s Coin
T-017 Coin Through Match
T-026 Glass Board
T-033 Coin and Glass
T-037 Penetro-Coin
T-073 Coin in Nest
T-085 Guillotine See Through
T-087 Squeeze Play
T-090 Elevator Coin
T-092 Pendant
T-096 Wandering Hole
T-098 The Sandwich Platter
T-103 The Frame of Destruction
T-107 Crossroad
T-108 Soft Coins
T-114 Wonder Window
T-117 The Alpha Tunnel
T-122 Excalibur
T-129 Mirage
T-132 The Ninja Experiment
T-136 Geometrick
T-139 Knife of the Ninja
T-140 Superspike
T-142 Lancelot
T-150 Coin of Dracula
T-155 Crystal Cleaver
T-162 Credit Slasher
T-163 Burglar Ball
T-169 Zone Infinity
T-176 Hanky Penetration
T-183 Impossible Pen
T-185 Puzzling Queen
T-214 Ultimate Shocking Pen
T-221 Mystery Triangle
T-232 Balloon Illusion
T-235 Magical Door
T-253 Miracle Coin Thru
T-258 Ghost Card

T-003 Diminishing Cards
T-240 Shrinking Pen
T-043 Invisible Man
T-125 Ghost Writer
T-156 The Haunting
T-177 Phantoma
T-207 Magician’s Finger
T-209 Ghost Pet
T-212 Ballerina Hank
T-216 Mystery Poodle
T-225 Mystic Blackboard
T-237 Synchro Boxes
T-245 Ghost Lamp
T-007 An-Gra
T-020 Cubio
T-035 Water Suspension
T-111 Supercubio
T-005 Arabian Card
T-011 Color Change Flower
T-013 Kings and Aces
T-014 Chameleon Silk
T-019 Match and Flower
T-021 Dyeing Paper
T-024 Crystal Tube
T-025 Silk Serenade
T-029 Changing Silks
T-030 Twin Flower
T-039 Crazy Spots
T-040 Card Case
T-042 Astro-Tube
T-061 I’m a Magician
T-062 Fantastic
T-065 Magic Tube
T-067 Colour Fantasy
T-068 Silk to Egg
T-071 Rope to Silk
T-093 Card Changer
T-094 Nightmare in Color
T-100 Two In One Rope
T-101 Hungarian Linking Ropes
T-104 Black Hole
T-105 Tunnel of Darkness
T-109 The Midas Machine
T-113 Quick Silver
T-128 Paradox
T-130 Tricky Business
T-131 The Moons of Jupiter
T-133 Bare Bones
T-144 Arcane
T-148 Mira-Metal
T-151 Wild Wallet
T-160 Fantastica
T-164 Metal Matrimony
T-178 Krazy Keys
T-182 Funnel Vision
T-192 Leather Wild Wallet
T-193 Magic Painting
T-203 Salt Cups
T-205 Confined Cubes
T-206 Sun & Moon Tubes
T-220 Crash Dice
T-233 Animation Frame
T-242 China Surprise
T-256 4D Printer
T-259 Money Shock
T-009 Funny Dog
T-015 Cups and Balls
T-016 Mystic Ruby
T-027 Chinese Sticks
T-047 Astro Coin
T-069 Dynamic Coins
T-072 Flash Dice
T-075 Rabbit in Wallet
T-076 Water Mystery
T-078 Sponge Rabbit
T-080 Sponge Balls
T-081 Space Walking Coin
T-083 Super Sponge Ball
T-086 Ultra Tube
T-095 Mr. Rabbit
T-097 Superstick
T-099 Mystery of the High Hat
T-124 Mirror Mate
T-127 Telesphere
T-135 Space Towers
T-147 Silver Express
T-149 Dragon Altar
T-161 Parabox
T-165 Crystal Pyramid
T-187 Mini-Morphosis
T-202 Prison Box
T-217 Super Sponge Balls
T-006 In the News
T-008 Trio Cigarette
T-010 Silk from Hanky
T-022 Time-Capsule
T-031 Milk Tumbler
T-038 Crystal Box
T-046 Little Saving Box
T-048 Coin Case
T-064 Melting Loop
T-084 Card Frame
T-157 Illusionarium
T-172 Invisible Zone
T-200 Undercover Cube
T-211 Fadeaway Case
T-236 Vanishing Point
T-241 Illusion Truck
T-246 Trap Box
T-254 Magic Memo Pad
Zig Zag
T-118 Sidetrack
T-179 Trisector
T-110 Zig Zag Cig
T-141 Mini-Zag