Joining the Tenyo Magic Forum

Please read about the forum, why it was created, how it should be used and what the membership requirements are.
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Joining the Tenyo Magic Forum

Post by JohnM » Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:18 pm

I created this forum as a place for Tenyo Magic enthusiast to come and share information about the magic we love.

To become a member of this forum I either have to know you or you have to be recommended by someone I know. If I know you I will approve your registration.

If you want to join but don't know me or any members you can join by sending me ( what you would put in your Member Profile and I will make a decision based on what you write whether to grant membership. Basically I am looking for contributors and not lurkers.

I want this forum to be more like a club. At a club you know the members names and what they look like and a little about them. I want that here. I think it will make a difference.

Display/Member Name
Display/Member Name Must Be One of the Following:
- your real first and last name (preferred) e.g. John Macaroni
- your real first name and last initial e.g. John M
- your real first name and where you live e.g. John from New Jersey
No nicknames, no exceptions
You can put in your Signature your name on other Forums so people can associate you e.g. Known as Al Dente on the Magic Cafe

I would also like to see people use real pictures of themselves. If you travel outside the Tenyo section of the Magic Cafe you will see a lot of people use their real name and a real picture. I think that is nice. If you do not like showing yourself (it is not easy for me) then use a stylized picture or take a shot of your favorite Tenyo with you behind it. If you want, provide me with a picture of yourself and I will stylize it in Photoshop for you (that's what I do). I prefer some kind of picture of you but it is not a requirement and you can choose any appropriate avatar you like.

Member Profile
Your first task is to go to the Member Profile area and post info about you and your Tenyo.

Please do not join this forum if you have a once in a while or one time need such as for instructions or to buy or sell something. If you need instructions for your personal use (not for an item you are going to sell), then email me at with proof of ownership and I or one of the other members should be able to help you out. Everyone is invited to read the forum so there is no need to join if you are a lurker.