YOUTUBE Field in UCP (User Control Panel)

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YOUTUBE Field in UCP (User Control Panel)

Post by JohnM » Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:29 am

I have added the functionality to add your YouTube Channel in the UCP (User Control Panel).

It is not working fully yet but there is some functionality that is working.

What is working:
When you click on the members name you see their profile and then you see their YouTube Account Name. If you click on their YouTube Account Name it will bring you to their YouTube Channel

What is NOT working:
On the profile information to the right of a post ------------------------------->
there are small icons on the bottom. The Youtube Icon should show there and when clicked on it would bring you to the poster's channel. The icon is not showing. :?

What you can do:
In the UCP under Profile add your YouTube Account Name. Just add the name and not the entire YouTube URL. For instance Roberto would enter "cormatches."

Hopefully I will get the icon to show and if you have entered information in the Youtube field, when it works you will be all set. For now it will still work in the profile when clicking on the user's name.

The other icons in the poster profile next to a post ------------------------------->
allow you to:
Send a PM to the user (avatar with "PM" icon)
Send an Email to the user if they have not turned that off (envelope icon)
Go to the user's website (globe icon)
See the user's image gallery (camera icon)

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