About the Tenyo Magic Forum

Please read about the forum, why it was created, how it should be used and what the membership requirements are.
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About the Tenyo Magic Forum

Post by JohnM » Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:10 pm

I created this forum as a place for Tenyo Magic enthusiast to come and share information about the magic we love.

It seems like in a lot of forums and clubs there are always issues with control and power. I will solve that issue right now. This is my forum[period]. I say this because with my experiences with slot car clubs and forums the only formula that worked was when it was clear that one person is ultimately in charge.

I will have an Advisory Board who I will rely on for ideas and feedback.

Members will be integral in determining the course the forum takes.

There is a Global Moderator who is the "dean" of the forum. That person is not me.

All common sense rules of behavior for forums, social media and society apply.

If the Global Moderator finds something that is objectionable, he will try and let the person and other members know what the problem was. There will be no mystery deletes of information or members.

You should be careful about exposing secrets.

Let's all use good judegement and have fun and be friendly and this can be great!