Invisible Zone + Lubor’s Lens

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Invisible Zone + Lubor’s Lens

Postby Ron Leshem » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:57 am

Being new to Tenyo the amount of effects one suddenly finds him or herself coveting can seem overwhelming. So to help me choose my acquisitions more strategically I’m hoping to share some of my routining ideas in the hopes that doing so will help either affirm or dispel my notions, which in turn will help me decide whether and when to purchase certain items.

So my idea today involves Invisible Zone and a presentation that I think will help justify the somewhat bizarre appearance of the pen. Basically, I want to present the pen as a junk-drawer item that I received from my dentist’s office. To further the illusion I would like to affix a clear-backed label on the Invisible Zone pen with a name, title, and phone number of a supposed dentist. After performing Invisible Zone I would switch out the pen for a nearly identically-colored one which I propose to manufacture in bulk (think alibaba) to feature the same information as the adhered label on the tenyo gimmick, but prepared for the reveal of Lubor’s Lens. During the pen switch action I would bring out the Lens, perform the effect per the standard Paul Harris presentation, and finish by revealing the twist and handing out the pen as a souvenir, and ending clean.

For this to work, naturally the act of affixing a label to the tenyo pen must not negatively impact the illusion. I realize that I may need to turn the pen so that the writing is not on the spectator facing side during the Invisible Zone performance but perhaps any alteration like the one I’m proposing will break the illusion...

So, without saying too much, does my routine fly? Thanks!
Ron Leshem
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Re: Invisible Zone + Lubor’s Lens

Postby magicjeff » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:01 pm

I like it dude. you could also try and sand of the printing on the pen?
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