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Battling Tops

Battling Tops is one of the best playing toys of all time. It was produced by the Ideal Toy Corp of Hollis, N.Y. Molded into the blue plastic arena is “© Ideal Toy Corp. 1968.” What makes it a great game is that it is easy to learn and the action is fast and furious. The tops come out the gate very fast and often one or two of the tops go flying out of the arena. The top may still be spinning outside the arena, but that does not count. You must be the last top spinning inside the arena. Sometimes a top will spin down on its side and then spin back upright.

A complete Battling Tops game with 6 tops with sticker sheet, 4 pullers with strings, 4 scoring pegs and cardboard insert. The instructions are printed on the inside of the box top.


Ready, Set ...