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Elisa on Cam

On July 14, 2106 Spreecast “went away” taking with it the archive of close to 300 shows.

Below is a listing of the Spreecast shows that were recorded from the first show on February 19, 2015 to the last show recorded on April 11, 2016. A handful of deleted shows are not in the main list but listed separately at the bottom. Keep in mind that the show names usually have nothing to do with the show and most often have to do with the previous show.


Catalog of Shows

Click on show titles listed in bold blue type to watch on YouTube.


TITLE: Kermit and Friends (Premiere Episode)
RECORDED: February 19, 2015 – Thursday
RUN TIME: 00:26:47
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Benjy, Jeff Fluhr
BLOUSE: Long sleeve light colored sweater with a faint natural colored pattern
SYNOPSIS: Elisa finishes watching a show on Spreecast called Reality Steve and then gets inquisitive about trying her own Spreecast. She is in Benjy’s apartment with Kermit in her arms and gives it a try. Eventually a guest comes on and talks to Elisa about Spreecast. She asks if he knows about the service and he says he does. That fellow happened to be the CEO and Founder of Spreecast, Jeff Fluhr. The interaction between the two is special. Not too much later, Jeff appears on a regular segment on Kermit and Friends called Jeff Friday. It all started here folks.

2 Kermit and Friends Part 2

3 Kermit and Friends Presents

4 Watch Kermit while I’m at a party please

5 I went to a great party last night!

6 Going out again tonight!!

7 Kermit and Elisa and Benjy 3 Friends

8 Benjy Gets a Gift!!

9 We bought fake tickets!!

10 Pigs in NY!!!

11 Anne Hathaway

12 Chicken Soda

13 10 yr old Puppeteer: Vincenzo Faruolo

14 Stop Yoga Pants Now!

15 The Return of Chicken Soda

16 Chicken Grey

17 Luke Wilson

18 Kermit’s Friend Michael

19 Don’t Text That Man!

20 Pete Hamilton vs ?

21 Beauty Contest: Gonzo VS Luke Wilson

22 Iliza Shlesinger and Me

23 The Beauty Contest Part 2

24 Ruffypup

25 Freaking Out!!!!

26 The Gift

27 Benjy Just Showed Up Mad

28 The Final Box

29 Ticks.

30 Very Sad That Jonah Left

31 Ian Booked A Great Guest!!

32 Crying

33 Date Night

34 Caller Chad

35 Working All Day!!

36 The Shyanne Show

37 The Incredible Ian

38 What Can I Do For YOU??

39 Therapy Thursdays!

40 Superstar Ryan Lever

41 Domina

42 One Fine Day

43 I’m Sorry

44 Rhonda….And Vashier?

45 Thank You Eytan

46 Ryan vs Gonzo vs Brian???

47 Chef Marc Zweben

48 My Sister Allyson

49 Ryan Lever, CFO

50 Benjy Speaks

51 Benjy and Domina

52 Smile

53 Ivy’s Hats

54 Kermit’s Friend Jeff

55 Magic

56 Happy Birthday Allyson!! Part 2

57 Type of Deal

58 Ryan’s Birthday Week!!

59 Gonzo Sent Me Something!!!

60 We Have A Traitor

61 Jeff Fridays

62 Ryan’s Birthday Tomorrow

63 The Ryan Lever Birthday Spectacular

64 We Love Ryan

65 Breaking Up

66 Gonzo Grey

67 What Is A Friend?

68 Jeff, Help Me With Gonzo!

69 50 Shades Of Gonzo

70 Pollyanna

71 True Colors

72 Sorry Mike Hunt

73 Trolls

74 Forced On The Show

75 Jeff Fridays

76 What Should I Do Tonight?

77 Oops Im late!!!

78 Why The $%^& Am I Here?

79 Ivy’s Skirt

80 Shyanne’s Trampoline

81 Somebody Special

82 Jeff Fridays: The Bridge Burner

83 Happy Birthday Ian!!!

84 Whipping Boy

85 Lloyd Kaufman

86 Jimmy The Bully

87 Joey

88 Bottom Of The Sink

89 Hummus

90 Elisa Loves Marc

91 Marc’s Happy Meal

92 Deena’s Crush

93 Eytan’s Bathing Suit

94 Krystal The Minister

95 Attraction

96 Ryan’s Trip

97 Support For Krystal

98 Tim’s Show

99 I’m Sorry Lame

100 The Apologizer

101 Sad 102 What Happened, Ryan?

103 Ryan Come Back 104 A New Beginning

105 Danny The Great

106 The Trade

107 Michael Jay Fox

108 We Love Corey

109 Come Back Douche

110 Casper The Feminist Bird

111 Birds Of A Feather

112 Unconditional Love

113 24 Hours Of Positivity

114 Kermit’s Friend Claire

SHOW: 115
TITLE: Im Sorry, Michael Strathmore (The Ice Wine Commeth and Goeth)
RECORDED: June 12, 2015 – Friday
RUN TIME: 04:36:06
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Kenny T, DP Serb(Pete), Stu, Marc, Step, Sugar, Nick, Chad Mcghee, LadyM, Adam Lee, Brian, Bob Hildenberg, Sikki, John M, Isme, Corey
BLOUSE: Brown and tan striped T-shirt
SYNOPSIS: Kenny T comes on to talk about the Zwebel oath and Elisa questions him about his “friends” from the Google Hangouts and his romantic tweets to her. A parade of popular KAF guests come on to talk about and take the Zwebel Oath. Stu comes on and performs Elisa’s Marc Zweben Song for Marc. Isme comes on in a great mood and in Elisa’s favorite dress. Marc tells Elisa that he is not cheating on her with Cynthia Hessler. Marc makes up a new show idea called Drinking Nipples Fridays and talks about the sex tape he will be making with Elisa. Step produces a segment where he talks to Wendy (the Wack Packer from the Howard Stern Show) on the phone because she does not have a web cam. John M comes on to discuss the “Vashier Bookmarks Incident” which happened the night before on Google Hangouts. Eventually the Spreecast turns into an online date for Kenny and Elisa. Elisa swigged her Ice Wine that Kenny sent to her and they banter back and forth until Kenny loses his cool under the constant digs from Elisa and friends and tells Elisa to “Fuck-Off.” Not recommended language for a first date. Later in the show Marc comes on to do his segment, now called Friday Nipple Night and he takes off his shirt and tweaks his nipple.  

116 Happy Birthday Novely

117 The Step Show

118 Bon Voyage Marc!!!

119 Marc is Seven

120 Benjy The Movie Star

121 Happy Birthday Kermit

122 Corey’s Gifts

123 National Kelly Fox Day

124 Claire’s Red Flags

125 We Love You Isme

126 Chris The CEO

127 Welcome Back Marc

128 We Love Jimmy Linguini

129 Follow Your Dreams

130 My New Cohost

131 My Birthday Is Tomorrow

132 Happy Birthday Me

133 Thank You Kelly And Joey

134 I’m Sorry, John Mazza

135 Jimmy The Zwebel

136 Step, Where Are You?

137 What’s England?

138 Chad The Hero

139 Honest Elisa

140 A Horrible Place

141 Can I Trust YOU?

142 Zzyzz

143 Fear

144 We Love Clear Cider

145 The Love Show

146 Water

147 Frank The Pet Expert

148 Elvis Hour

149 Elvis Hour Part 2

150 Suspicious Minds

151 Entrapment

152 Honest Corey

153 Just

154 Swedish Chef

155 Frozen

156 Skydiving

157 Ken’s Tree

158 Heather’s Advice

159 Janet Reno

160 Kelly’s Spider Bite

161 Nice Or Mean?

162 The Source

163 Welcome Back Kermit

164 Real Friends

165 Millie The Negative Mouse

166 We Miss Claire

167 Millie The Entertainment Reporter

168 Spicy Meatball

169 Peter The Musician

170 Dignity

171 Boe Jarnes

172 We Love You Brian

173 Bonjour, Rhonda!

174 Tarot Cards

175 Come Back Kelly And Nichole

176 Salt Of The Earth

177 Twiggylu Productions

178 Welcome Back KAF

179 Why Not

180 The Sandwich Game

181 Welcome Back Corey

182 The Bald Couple

183 Chips

184 The Good Chad

185 Josh

186 Unenthusiastic Chef

187 Who Is Peter

188 Cup of Tea

189 Benjy’s Popovers

190 Isme Cares

191 Kermit’s Paw

192 Chad The God

193 Green Font

194 Taco Bell

195 A Yummy Dickens

196 Happy Birthday Corey

SHOW: 197
TITLE: 74 Days
RECORDED: October 7, 2015
RUN TIME: 3:06:55
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Peter Laska, Rugboy, Kleenex, Isme, Tony Krzyzak, Stu, Jeff M, Corey, Roberto, Ken Champion
BLOUSE: Sheer white T with scoop neck and cap sleeves
SYNOPSIS: Elisa starts the show off with Kleenex, who is very angry at Elisa on this day. She wants to read an email Kleenex sent her earlier but before she can, Kleenex goes on a 15 minute rant calling Elisa every name in the book. Chris eventually gets fed up and cams down. Elisa then reads the very long and vicious email Kleenex sent her. Rugboy comes on to give his thoughts about Kleenex’s behavior. Elisa then interviews Rugboy about various topics ranging from traveling, dating, future goals, etc. Isme Boom then comes on to let everyone know what he thinks about Kleenex. Kleenex comes back much calmer than before and he and Elisa have a long discussion about Kleenex’s family, specifically his supposed cousin Tim Allen. They also talk about Kleenex’s job history, and Stu comes on to question Kleenex’s claim that he was a radio show host. Jeff M then comes on to rip into Kleenex. Kleenex continues to talk and talk and talk for another hour before finally leaving. Elisa, Isme and Corey then discuss their favorite Tim Allen movies.

198 Hi Tim Allen

199 Cashmere Poncho


201 Wood

202 Exclamation Points

203 Michael The Analyst Part 2

SHOW: 204
TITLE: Mister Face (Vashier Returns)
RECORDED: October 20, 2015 – Tuesday
RUN TIME: 05:59:49
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Benjy, Kleenex, Rugboy, Brant, Nick, Corey, Michael Lee, Krystal
BLOUSE: Orange knit collegiate sweeter with large black 9 (Princeton University Colors)
SYNOPSIS: The early part of the show Elisa discusses that a troll account posted an early KAF video clip of Chad being a negative caller toward Elisa (Chad calls in to discuss). Elisa also discusses being upset that Michael Strathmore made claims that the high ratings for the last show was due to his popularity (Strathmore calls in to discuss). Brant makes and appearance with his Devil Puppet and another puppet, Rugboy, has a discussion with Elisa covering a range of topics. Later in the show Vashier returns to KAF after a long hiatus. After leaving KAF, Vashier started a nightly Google Hangout for former members of the show, but eventually closed it down after heavy trolling from Chad and Twiggy. The last two Google Hangout were memorable to all because Vashier had a severe meltdown in front of everyone’s eyes. This appearance, picked up where the previous meltdowns left off. Nick cams up at one point and he and Vashier really go at it. Benjy and Krystal also cam up with Vashier to give their perspectives. When I write a synopsis, I try to just click through the episodes to get a brief idea of what happened but I could not stop watching this. It is very compelling.

SHOW: 205
TITLE: John From Boston (Tim Allen is NOT Your Cousin?)
RECORDED: Oct 21, 2015
RUN TIME: 3:32:34
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Benjy, Kleenex, Corey, Isme
BLOUSE: Magenta T-shirt
SYNOPSIS: Elisa starts the show off by talking about her explosive interview with Vashier from the day before. Benjy comes on to share his thoughts on it. Michael Strathmore calls in to try and force Elisa to regularly start doing 5 hours every night. Kleenex cams up and on this day he’s surprisingly in a pleasant mood. He sings Elisa’s praises for about an hour while also giving his thoughts on Vashier. Corey comes on to try and ruin Kleenex’s good mood by questioning him about being related to Tim Allen, but Kleenex finally comes clean about not being Tim Allen’s cousin. Kleenex and Elisa continue talking for another hour about Tim Allen, Ayumi, Elisa potentially hiring an agent, the recent Oregon shooting, among other topics. Isme Boom comes on to add to the conversation, especially about whether or not Elisa should hire an agent. All talk soon revolves around the quality of KAF and what the future holds for the show. Corey gets in on the discussion only to dig into Elisa about KAF not having enough variety.

206 Variety

SHOW: 207
TITLE: Operation (Tiny House Boy)
RECORDED: October 23, 2015
RUN TIME: 4:37:22
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Supertramp, Benjy, Corey, Kleenex, Jeff M, Ham Hands Bill, Isme
BLOUSE: Sheer loose fitting off white knitted sweater with long flowing sleeves
SYNOPSIS: Elisa brings on a new guest to start the show by the name of Supertramp. She interviews him about living in a “Tiny House” and other aspects about his life. Benjy’s Avocado comes on to ridicule Supertramp’s way of living. The Avocado starts molding, sings a song, and lets everyone know he may die soon. Elisa is mad at Corey for his use of homophobic slurs on a previous episode. Corey promises to come on to read a statement apologizing but instead throws another hissy fit. This leads to an argument between Corey and Supertramp. Kleenex pops up and he’s in a mysterious house and takes us on a little tour. Kleenex then starts ranting for nearly an hour about trolls, Howard Stern, whether or not he’s a liar, etc. Corey comes back on and they have yet another discussion on the issues Corey has with gay people. Jeff M, Benjy, and Isme Boom all come on to also give their thoughts regarding this subject.

208 Douche The Great

209 The Avocado

210 Kleenex

211 Left Handed

212 The Halloween Show

213 Beef Wellington

214 Doug And Erin

215 Tiny

216 Erin Exists!

217 Anita

218 Isme The Critic

219 Kiyoshi Is Better!

220 Coconut Milk

221 Packets

222 30 Thousand

SHOW: 223
TITLE: Jeff’s Three Friends
RECORDED:  November 16, 2015
RUN TIME: 2:29:40
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Peter, Brant, Stu, Kleenex, Ass Napkin Ed, Michael Lee, Doug, Rhonda, Kristen Marie
BLOUSE: Sky blue long sleeve with the left shoulder exposed
SYNOPSIS: Elisa kicks off the show by talking about her recent fight with Claire. She brings on her new “KAF Recapper” Peter Laska to recap exactly what happened. Elisa then reads some emails from the audience. Chad calls in to talk about traveling to Seattle to attend a wedding and the Seahawks game. Chad invited Kleenex to go to the game with him possible exposing his identity. Douche then plays a clip about Kleenex lying about his association with BJ Shea. Kleenex comes on not long after that with a black screen under a new handle called “Obumer.” Elisa and Obumer discuss the recent controversy surrounding the two. Elisa then brings on some other guests to discuss whether or not Pitbulls should be banned in the US. Elisa also talks about deleting a tweet earlier in the week after receiving backlash over it. Rhonda makes her return to the show and she and Elisa talk about what’s been going on, her trip to Paris, Elisa’s tweet, Kleenex suing Elisa, among other things. Douche plays another video, this time of John M making some harsh criticisms about Elisa, leading to a lengthy discussion about John M and Kleenex’s Blab they from the previous day.

224 A Hundred Blouses

225 Zebra

226 Classy Claire

227 DNN Is Watching

228 Yellow Sign

229 Vermin

230 Snapping Fingers

231 Macaroni Toe

SHOW: 232
TITLE: Susie Q (Susie’s 1st Appearance, Kleenex’s Birthday)
RECORDED: December 1, 2015 – Tuesday
RUN TIME: 02:02:58
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Susie Q, Kleenex, Stu, Elko, Cynthia, Fog, Marc
BLOUSE: Pink loose knit see through sweater
SYNOPSIS: Susie Q cams up for the first time on Kermit and Friends to discuss her recent appearance on Honest Frank’s show. It is Kleenex’s 55th birthday and he is on cam for the majority of the show. Douche plays a clip from Blab where Kleenex talks about having cam sex with a woman from Dubai which angers Kleenex. Kleenex discusses a Spreecast he did the night before with Jimmy and LadyM which was deleted. Elisa asks him why he would call her mother during that show. Chad calls in throughout keeping Kleenex in check. Strathmore calls in to discuss his recent interview of Elisa. After that call, Stu comes on and interviews Elisa. A video message from Marc Zweben is played during the show much to Elisa’s delight. Kleenex and Elisa discuss Clear Cider and at this point Kleenex believes Clear Cider is not a famous person. Elko makes one of her birthday-only appearances and discusses meeting with Brian in New York City where she had to buy Brian a hot dog because he had no cash. Cynthia cams up after a long hiatus only to be berated with insults by Kleenex. Toward the end of the show Jeff Count calls in, Kleenex argues with someone in the establishment he’s camming from and Fog cams up to give Kleenex a nice birthday wish and some advice. The show ends with Elisa singing Happy Birthday to Kleenex.

233 Happy Birthday Kleenex Pt 2

234 Corey’s Flu

235 Stu

236 Natalie

237 Elisa The Hero

238 Mother Elisa

239 The Dick Tick

240 Less Than Nothing

241 Bologna Sauce

242 Full Of Baloney

243 Public Figure

244 Salami Goodbye (Short Show)

245 Merry Christmas Chad!

246 The Year Of Kermit

247 Who Are We?

248 FogCast

249 The New Stu

250 Benjy The Great Host

251 Shelton’s Hot Pocket

252 137 Corey

253 New Trinity Dawn

254 Happy Birthday, Kelly Fox!

255 Wood Nymph

256 Pastafagioli

257 Gaia Paia

258 Fancy Dog Wings

259 Shelton’s Tooth

260 Jeff The Birthday Bear

261 The Kleenex Revue

262 Hugs

SHOW: 263
TITLE: The Pastafagioli Papers (Mean People: Linguini/Douche/Seederman)
RECORDED: January 27, 2016
RUN TIME: 2:47:31
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Kevin, Laurie, John Boulton, Stu, Tiny Mouse, Shelton, Pastafagioli, IluvErinsBoobies, Kleenex, John M, Stu
BLOUSE: Pink snap button down long sleeve sweater
SYNOPSIS: Elisa starts the show off with Kevin Cao and talks to him about his Facebook group. Laurie comes on and Elisa talks to her about Kleenex being angry with her father. John Boulton then comes on and gives his thoughts on the matter. Stu comes on after this and talks to Elisa about Shelton’s script. Tiny gives her insight on it as well. Shelton eventually shows up himself to share what ideas he has going forward pertaining to his script. Shelton also reveals he has a crush on a goth girl at his job and Elisa gives him some advice on wooing her. Pastafagioli and Doug (Iluverinsboobies) both come on to talk about a tweet Pasta made basically saying Doug is a huge bore on the show. Doug of course took great offense to that and they have it out. John M comes back for the second night to continue his argument with Doug. John then goes on to rant about how bad Jimmy Linguini and his followers are which Elisa totally agrees with. Kleenex comes on in agreement but soon gets into a heated argument with people in the cafe he is in and has to leave. John’s passion ignites Elisa to go on her own rant about how mean and hurtful Douche, Seederman and DNN have been to people. Elisa and John continue and Elisa shreds Krystal and wraps up telling everyone to be nice.

264 Sandbox

265 Mr John Ziegler

266 The Great Brian Cuban

267 Kermit Town

268 Muffin

269 Hypnotized

270 The Town Worm

271 Horizontal Fog

272 Mayor McKAF

SHOW: 273
TITLE: Laurie The Booker (Zach’s FUNNY Audio)
RECORDED: February 10, 2016
RUN TIME: 2:26:57
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Ryan Lever, Kevin, Laurie, Zach Hoffman, Corey, John M, Jeff M, Kleenex, Just Rank, Claire from NJ, Lu
BLOUSE: Emerald green sliken blouse with butterfly sleeves and a wide pleat down the center
SYNOPSIS: Elisa opens the show by remarking how impressed she is with Laurie’s work as new producer and host of the Wrap-Up show. She brings Ryan Lever, Laurie, and Kevin Cao on to discuss the wrap-up show and future KAF plans. Zach Hoffman makes his KAF debut but hilariously has some horrible mic issues. After this John M and Corey come on and battle it out over some words Corey claims John M said about Crimson. Kleenex comes up and talks about the Wrap-Up show he’s no longer host of. Corey comes back and yells at Elisa for letting Benjy interview Fancydogwings on the previous episode. Jeff M comes on to agree with Corey, while John M takes a firm stance against the prejudice being shown by both men. Just Rank the dog makes his KAF debut and sings some Neil Diamond to calm everyone down. Claire comes on and reveals a shocking revelation that he has a lawsuit in the works that could make him and Elisa millions. Lastly, a new guest by the name of Lu makes an appearance and he and Elisa have a nice talk about bullying on the internet.

274 Mad At Corey

275 Benjy’s List

276 The Zookeeper

277 Exhibit 9

278 Customer Service

279 Mush, Where Are You?

280 Multiple Kevins

SHOW: 281
TITLE: Kevin The Therapist (RIP Mr. Beffert?)
RECORDED: 2:00:16
RUN TIME: February 25, 2016
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Kevin, Sol’Prism, Benjy, Tiny Mouse, Honest Frank, Corey, John Boulton, Laurie, Kleenex, AgentMuD, Pam, Stu
BLOUSE: Purpleish print off the shoulder blouse with 3/4 length sleeves
SYNOPSIS: Corey’s father passed away and Elisa opens up the show by sharing her sympathies and love for Corey. We then get a mysterious appearance from a person named Venus McFly, who talks about some very strange nonsense. We’re soon graced with Honest Frank’s presence, who is here to be announced as the new President of Kermit Town. Of course, the topic eventually turns to Corey and his father’s passing, which leads to Frank questioning his death and hurling a bunch of insults towards Corey’s. The battle with Frank and Corey continues throughout the show, but things really blow up when Kleenex comes on to claim he also believes Corey is lying about his father’s death. Elisa opens up a can of whoop ass on Kleenex, and fires him from the show. Later Benjy interviews a lovely young woman named Pam about her foundation and website. After the interview, Elisa does some karaoke with Corey to try and lift his spirits back up. John Boulton comes on afterward and tries to do the same, unfortunately not to the same avail!

282 Bad President


284 Stink Bug From LA

285 David Fuchs The Great

286 Six Fifty Eight

287 Ponies For Everyone

288 Tiny Comedian

SHOW: 289
TITLE: Spanish Cider (Jeff Count Retires?)
RECORDED: March 31, 2016
RUN TIME: 2:50:39
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Kevin, Stu, David Fuchs, Corey, Jeff Count, Isme, Benjy, Claire from NJ, Kleenex, Gonzo, Shang Tsung, John Boulton, Zach Hoffman
BLOUSE: Sheer beighe T-shirt
SYNOPSIS: Elisa brings up Kevin to discuss a recent controversy on Twitter and also to poke fun at Jason for his excessive tagging on Facebook. David Fuchs comes on and gives us 15 minutes of typical David Fuchs content. Corey is now apparently a KAF reporter and comes on to give us some breaking news about John M. John M then calls in to defend himself and disprove Corey’s claims. Jeff Count is up next to sing a song and announce his retirement. Elisa pleads with Jeff not to retire and they have a very long, pleasant conversation. Afterward, Benjy comes on to have a mini-interview with Claire to discuss Claire’s secret fetish. Stu comes on to sing a song to Jeff Count to try to convince him not to retire from KAF. Kleenex is now here to apologize to Elisa for his recent behavior and claims he had an epiphany due to a heart attack he suffered that very same morning. Jeff Count and Corey both come on to chime in about Kleenex’s conduct. Elisa puts David back up and then receives a phone call from David’s mysterious cousin who we all believe to be Gonzo. Elisa then tries to figure out who should host the wrap-up show, which leads to a Kleenex vs. Corey showdown.

SHOW: 290
TITLE: Don’t Retire, Jeff Count!
RECORDED: April 4, 2016
RUN TIME: 2:29:15
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Laurie, Kevin, David Fuchs, Stu, Kleenex, Corey, Claire, John M, Isme
BLOUSE: Sleeveless tangerine low cut blouse
SYNOPSIS: Elisa kicks off the show with Laurie Boulton to discuss the process of making KAF Previews. David Fuchs joins in and for 20 minutes talks about a myriad of topics in typical David Fuchs fashion. Elisa discusses David Mobile and his fascination with sending women food porn. Kleenex cams up and has a long laugh with David Fuchs. Elisa tries to get Kevin and Laurie to book a furry live on air. Elisa opens up about recently seeing a new therapist. Claire tries to come on to talk about his fetish however he has technical difficulties and calls in. Instead of revealing what his fetish is, Claire goes on a tirade about Stu’s comments in the chat. Stu cams up and Claire gives him a verbal lashing over the telephone. Claire eventually gets his cam to work and he and Stu go at it, with Kleenex butting in. John M calls in to give his unflattering opinion about Stu. Jeff Count then calls in to assure Elisa that he’s not retired. We get back to the Stu/Claire battle after that and Isme Boom decides to cam up and join in on the fun. Elisa has one final talk with David and then gives him the platform to end the show however he would like.

291 The David Moble Chicken Scandal

SHOW: 292
TITLE: He Quit…Or Did He? (Final Episode)
RECORDED: April 11, 2016 – Monday
RUN TIME: 02:58:38
ON CAMERA: Elisa, Kermit, Benjy, ISME, Vern, Claire, Kleenex, Gonzo, Corey, Jeff Count, Stu, John M., Laurie, Kevin
BLOUSE: Orange sleeveless formal top with a nice pattern and a cutout revealing lower cleavage
SYNOPSIS: During the day it leaked out that this would be the last show. There was no forewarning. When the show begins Elisa explains her reasoning. From there a good amount of guests cammed up to say good bye and good luck including Benjy, ISME, Vern, Claire, Kleenex, Gonzo, Corey, Jeff Count, Stu, John M. Laurie, Kevin and more. A special final call was also made from the one and only Chad Dahc. The most emotional moment was when Benjy cammed up and Elisa read an inspirational story he had sent her early on in the show’s history. Gonzo kept on camming up and calling in which became funny when Elisa said you are taking this the hardest of everyone. On the final show David Fuchs had a “drop mike” appearance where he scolded Elisa and then quit the show. Great show one of the top for many reasons.

Catalog of Deleted Shows


SHOW: Deleted
TITLE: Our New Chef
RECORDED: July 24, 2015 – Friday
RUN TIME: 01:33:41
ON CAMERA: Elisa, John M, Swedish Chef, Ass Napkin Ed & Kristen, Benjy, Corey, Peter, Jeff M
BLOUSE: Tan pocket T with pink stripes
SYNOPSIS: John M comes back after a long hiatus to be a co-host for the first and only time. He says he has 500 pages of notes. He begins by dishing on Elisa’s foes to her delight, but soon the mood changed when Elisa mentions she was mad than John discouraged Marc from calling her. At the time Marc had left the show and was not to have any contact with Elisa. Soon it was clear that John was the fodder for the show and ISME came on with his Attack Queen persona and did his “thing” which resulted in John quitting the show for the 3rd time. Corey comes on as a new character called Honest Corey. One of more of the memorable moments in show history happens later in the show when Jeff M presents a presentation with charts he made and printed. The last print out was two gay men engaging in oral sex. Elisa then conveys her disappointment with mean people like Jeff M trying to ruin her show. The show was deleted because of Jeff M and now resides on YouTube.

SHOW: Deleted
TITLE: The Zweble Oath

SHOW: Deleted
TITLE: Peter and Me

SHOW: Deleted
TITLE: We Love Nick

SHOW: Deleted
TITLE: Corey

SHOW: Deleted
TITLE: Moving Day