Kermit Town


Kermit Town is an imaginary town where all the kind and friendly fans of the Kermit and Friends Interactive Internet Entertainment Show live and prosper. The concept was created by Elisa Jordana (Founder) and John Mazza (Mayor McKAF) to promote good will and compassion amongst the fans of the show. The geographic location of Kermit Town is on the western shore of the island of Maui, Hawaii. This location was chosen because of Elisa’s love of the beach as well as constant sunshine and perfect temperature. One of the main directives for residents of Kermit Town is No Bullying. The antithesis of Kermit Town is Jellyville. Jellyville is located in a barren dormant volcano and is overpopulated with meanies and trolls of all descriptions. Currently Kermit Town only exists in our minds and on twitter but who knows where this will go. A simulated Kermit Town on a platform like Second Life is being looked into.

Founder – Elisa Jordana
President – Corey Beffert
Mayor – John Mazza
Zoo Keeper – Laurie Boulton
Fire Marshall – firfightr3
Brian’s Pub – Proprietor Brian In Jersey
FunStuffOnly Toy Shop – Proprietor John Mazza
Tiny Mouse Cheese Shop – Proprietor Tiny Mouse
Claire’s Collectibles (Vintage Vinyl & Rare Books) – Proprietor Claire from NJ
Holographic Cosmology Research Institute – Director of Research Claire from NJ


KAF Town Founder Elisa Jordana - Illustration by Gaia Paia

Kermit Town Founder Elisa Jordana